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About PTC

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Power Train Components, Inc. is a family owned assembly, packaging, and distribution company of automotive parts founded in 1978 by D.R. “Doc” Nihart. PTC is now managed by Doc’s son, Jack, who is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky and has over 30 years of Auto Care experience.

PTC has expanded from 5,000 square feet in 1978 to over 150,000 square feet presently with over 95 employees. Located in a small northwestern Ohio town, Bryan, PTC is able to enjoy a good local labor force and a relatively low cost of doing business.

Contracting with mostly OE manufacturers, both domestic and offshore, PTC purchases and assembles quality products that are manufactured to our strict specifications. We utilize state-of-the-art data processing, packaging and distribution equipment to assure a fast turn-around time, with a 96% + average order fill rate.

PTC currently sells to Automotive Warehouse Distributors, National Retail Chains, Driveline Shops and exports to several countries.

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