Fuel Filters

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Well over 90% of late model cars and trucks on the road today are equipped with Cabin Air Filters, yet many people don’t know it and neglect required filter replacement service intervals which are recommended every 12,000 to 18,000 miles. Driving on dusty roads require more frequent filter changes. This represents a tremendous profit opportunity, because with over 239 million vehicles on the road today (source: AASA), this maintenance category remains significantly under serviced.

PTC Cabin Air Filters contain either particulate and/or activated charcoal media to help filter out over 90% of pollutants, particles, harmful gases and bacteria that can affect your health. Many filters are also available for the cabin air vehicle frame; no need to replace the entire filter and frame assembly.

Key Features & Benefits


Help filter out over 90% of dust, pollen, gases, tire and brake line particles and other harmful bacteria


Improves riding comfort by improving the air quality in your vehicle


Protect the performance of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system from corrosion


Eliminate potential “pressure back-up” that will diminish heat and AC output and can lead to possible major component failure down the road; including an AC condenser/evaporator, heater core, blower motor and more


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